A Word From The Artist: 

I am a fashion illustrator located in California. As an artist, I try to challenge myself with different media as well as different approaches to the drawing process, which creates a challenge for me and often results in growth. My fashion illustrations tend to be more linear with a play on shape. The interaction between the two is what interests me. I try to push limits between movement, balance and a goal is to achieve a likeness to the model.

My work includes, but is not limited to, fashion portraits, fashion figures, accessories, and fashion in general, as well as live drawing at events. My background in Graphic Design is helpful in terms of compositional design, balance, and shape. My education in illustration is experimental, loose and open-minded, which attributes to keeping my work fresh and playful. I particularly love drawing at events because of the personal interaction and overall excitement of the setting; my teaching and interaction with students over the years has contributed to healthy confidence in my work and in a social setting.

I am open to collaborations, editorial work, portraiture, fashion drawing as well as drawing at events. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!